ארגון חותם - יהדות על סדר היום

"Chotam—Judaism on the Agenda works to increase and strengthen the observance of mitzvot and Jewish law in the private and public spheres. For this reason, it is possible to use ma'aser money to donate to Chotam."

Rabbi Yigal Kaminetsky

Chotam—Judaism on the Agenda endeavors to bring Jewish values back to the top of public agenda. We at Chotam believe that Jewish values form the basis of the State of Israel, and without these values, Israel's identity is sorely lacking. Chotam's research department includes both Torah scholars and professional researchers, who probe major topics on the public agenda. These topics include family, finance, and law, among other areas. Research is performed from both a halachic and professional perspective in cooperation with other leading professional Torah research institutes in Israel..

Donations to Chotam—Judaism on the Agenda are tax deductible under Section 46 of the
Income Tax Ordinance. Association no: 580590610

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