Pocket Notebook For Young Women Declaring Religious Observance

Overcoming the obstacles facing young women trying to obtain an exemption from military service and instead volunteer in National Service.

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Background: Interrogation as part of the interview for those declaring religious observance.
In recent years, many young women declare that they are religiously observant to receive

an exemption from military service and are consequently summoned for an interview at the recruitment office. Unfortunately, this interview is a cheap propaganda tool meant
to undermine your belief in your path and to cause you—who decided to volunteer in National Service—to act against your free will and enlist in the IDF instead.

Many young women report that they underwent an intrusive and aggressive interrogation, including questions on personal matters, an in depth examination on Jewish concepts and laws, and even attempts to persuade them to enlist. 4 Emergency Telephone No.: 073-3904102

Many young women who weren’t adequately prepared for this interrogation left with a very difficult, negative experience.

The goal of this booklet is to give you the tools to prepare you for this interrogation, both mentally and practically. It will also provide
you with important information on your legal rights relating to this interrogation—rights
that in light of the experiences of many, may be taken away from you if you don’t stand up for yourself and demand them.

Chotam is here to provide you with personal guidance and legal assistance to preserve both your religious and legal right to receive an exemption from military service in the IDF, and instead serve in National Service.